The Utrecht Declaration

The Utrecht Declaration and Covenant of European Classical Liberal and Libertarian Parties

The Utrecht Declaration and Covenant of European Classical Liberal and Libertarian Parties

We the undersigned, on behalf of the organizations stated below, all of them registered and functioning as political parties under the law of their respective countries, have met in Utrecht (The Netherlands) on this twenty-eighth day of September, 2013, and have agreed upon the following


  1. The signing political parties (hereafter “the Parties”) define themselves as classic liberal, libertarian or both, and consider themselves as part of the world movement for individual Liberty.
  2. In so doing, the Parties express their support for the political views derived from classical liberalism and its further radical and libertarian evolution, as well as their appreciation for philosophical rationalism and objectivism, and the Austrian School of Economics.
  3. The Parties affirm the supremacy of individual freedom limited only by that of another person and inclusive of the full right to property, and their belief in a society based on the spontaneous order emerging from the cooperation of free citizens and their voluntary groups, under the rule of their freely entered agreements and contracts.
  4. The Parties consider state interference in society, culture and the economy as their paramount concern, and diminishing the role, coercion and cost of all forms and levels of government as their highest purpose.
  5. The Parties believe in laissez faire capitalism and the separation of state and economy. Therefore, they fight to drastically reduce taxation and regulation and to eliminate state subsidies, bail outs, central monetary planning, legal tender laws and crony capitalism.
  6. The Parties acknowledge the need for political action in pursuance of their mission to achieve a free society, and to stop and redress the state’s proliferation.
  7. Furthermore, the Parties believe that politics is a crucial field of action for classic liberals and libertarians, and should not be relinquished to our political opponents.
  8. The Parties acknowledge the importance of international and, particularly, European political cooperation of classic liberals and libertarians to counter the influence of collectivism and the power of our common ideological adversaries.
  9. The Parties acknowledge each of the signatories as their political partner in its own country, and express their common wish to start a close political cooperation, especially regarding European institutions and elections, notwithstanding their mutual respect for each party’s domestic alliances and international affiliation.
  10. The parties wish to further the cause of individual liberty within their own societies and institutions thereof and further more to invite all european classical liberal and libertarian parties to join this common effort.

Furthermore, the signatories to this Declaration do hereby agree on the following




  1. By this instrument the Parties found a new political party under European law, subject to further juridical constitution and incorporation, which shall be carried out in the way, time and jurisdiction the Parties will deem appropriate.
  2. Subject to further consensus, the said new European political party is provisionally named ‘’European Party for Individual Liberty’’ (EPIL).
  3. A provisional Executive Committee is appointed which consists of one person per signing party, each being able to substitute its representative in this body at will.
  4. To provisionally preside over the said Executive Committee, Roald Schoemaker from P-LIB (Spain) appointed first and founding President of the said Party until such time as it will be legally incorporated and until its first congress take place.
  5. For this covenant to become binding it needs to be ratified by the relevant bodies of the signing parties.


Signed in Utrecht, The Netherlands, on the 28th of September, 2013


For The Libertarian Party (Libertarische Partij) of The Netherlands, Toine Manders, Chairman

For the Individual Liberty Partij (Partido de la Libertad Individual) of Spain, Juan Pina, President Roald Schoemaker, International Officer


For the Democratic Liberal Party (Parti Libéral Démocrate) of France, Eric Juramy, Treasurer


For the Party of Reason (Partei der Vernunft) of Germany, Uwe Schroeder, Treasurer

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  1. Luca Bonomi

    It would be great to have a Libertarian Party in Italy too who can join the EPIL …


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