The rise of Libertarianism in Europe

By Sandro Wächter from Perspective of a Swiss Libertarian link
– Previously published on September the 13rd, 2015

The rise of Libertarianism in Europe

First thing that comes into your mind when thinking about politics in europe is probably the European Union.
In other words; The old Leaders vision for Europe 2.0! Its wrapped in a coat of nice “things” like: Solidarity, Unity, Political Correctness, Equality. But in reality it just means less individual Freedom, more regulations and a Centralized Government. After years of failure it’s not a suprise that Right-Wing parties are rising and most of these are not the good kind of Right-Wing Parties. I am talking about Populism/Nazism. Conservative parties care about votes, they are Flip-Flopping on Topics, so it is probably not the same as it was before. Because of this, the Libertarian movement is growing in europe, just back in April of 2015, Czech Republic Politician Vít Jedličkafounded a new nation called “Liberland“. The group “Sons of Libertas” is also a big deal in Germany.

The situation in Switzerland is different, this country is not in the European Union, yet it can stand alone and taking care of itself. Switzerland is not a perfect nations and it still has to much regulations in my opinion but it is not lead by power hungry politicians. The system is similar to what Mr.Adams and Mr. Jefferson wanted for the United States of America. Switzerland has some very successfull Libertarian politicians, even though there is no such a libertarian party active, most libertarians are connected to the SVP (Swiss Peoples Party), it is similar to the Republican Party filled with Conservatives and Libertarians. Politicians such as Lukas Reimann, elected to the Swiss Parliament at the age of 25. He is one of the biggest advocates for direct democracy, he rates himself as a “radical-libertarian”. He also supported Ron Paul in his run for Presidency in 2012. It is people like him that are needed in the rest of Europe.

Direct democracy in Switzerland by Lukas Reimnn at EFDD conference Prague

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