Institutionalizing the libertarian co-operation

Be online is to be seen, it is important for the European Party for Individual Liberty to let the world now that we are here to stay.

Libertarianism is based on self-determination. This can be translate in a politically way into what we call “the voluntary society”.

The implication of libertarianism is that all forms of society must be possible, as long as they respect the right of self-determination, so to be really voluntary.

A world without compulsion and urge, in which people who have the right to actively challenge the government is closer than we think.

We see this in voluntary co-operation in terms of financiën (BitCoin), the environment and power generation (local sunpower), we see the rose of  power at the civil society.

The advantage of Libertarian parties is that they can see the individual and society in the wat they are. And that is a lot different from the government see us.

We look at individuals with respect for life, property and happiness. For this reason, libertarians in Europe must co-operate for a free Europe at European level.

Libertarians believe that each individual owns his or her own life and property and has the right to make his own choices about how to live his life — as long as he respects the rights of others to do the same.

Liberty is one of the central lessons of world history. Virtually all the progress the human race has enjoyed during the past few centuries is due to the increasing acceptance of free markets, civil liberties and self-ownership.

Libertarianism is thus the combination of liberty (the freedom to live your life in any peaceful way you choose), responsibility (the prohibition against the use of force against others, except in defense) and tolerance (honoring and respecting the peaceful choices of others).

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